Chengbang Design Group Shangda Tourism Planning Institute’s intellectual support to First Chinese Season Town in high quality implementation


Recently, Hongtai Season Bay Conceptual Planning Proposal passed the final presentation. It is a project  led by Hongtai Investment Group supported by Chengbang Design Group Shangda Tourism Planning Institute. The presented proposal was highly commended by Jingzhou Government, Jinan Cultural and Tourism New District Government, Tourism related departments and Hongtai Tourism Group.

The strategy team  used the old Jingchu Seasonal Scenery as the original script and  appended it with the narrative  sentiments  of nation and country. Five spatial dimensional space contains The Season of the Town, the Impression of Farming-reading Village Jing, the Vanilla Story Garden, the Dream Cloud Pond and Cultural Village. It gives rise to the  formation of a totally new town structure - Season Town, Season Village, Season Field and Season Time. This formal system is also designed according to the ancient system of formal urban structure  namely with one street, two  lanes, six  communes and twelve courtyards to interpret six scenes of  the First Lunar Month (Duanyue), The Day Before Pure Brightness (Hanshi), 5th of the 5th Lunar Month (Duanwu), 7th.of the 7th. Lunar Month (Qiqiao), Worship the Moon (Baiyue) and Double Ninth (Chongyang). There are three major cultural celebrations - “the Great Chinese New Year, Jingchu Dragon Boat Festival and the World Harvest Festival. This shows cultural self-confidence and the awakening and appreciation of traditional Chinese culture.

Currently, the Season Town and the 12 Wetland Scenes Night Tour Projects are under detail and construction planning stage. To appreciate the Thousands years of Jingchu culture and The Season Bay, we believe that Chengbang Design Group and Hongtai Group will work together to create a long-scroll picture of Jingchu flourishing age for the world.

You spend one day here to experience the life from a thousand years ago. Along the Changhu Lake, there is Season Bay.


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