Hangzhou, a paradise with a long history, rich heritage and beautiful scenery, has established its mission, namely “in the name of design, create the most beautiful ecology” since its inception.

After sixteen-years’ hard work, we have built a reputation for honesty and craftsmanship, and we have a long-term vision and continuous improvement.

Today, Chengbang Design Group is leading the domestic eco-industry with unique concepts and perspectives.

experienced design resources and authoritative experts providing multi-professional integrated solutions. Project types include commissioning solutions for the cultural industry, improving overall image, establishing scenic locations, protecting the ecological environment and reconstructing spatial values. Service Scope includes customized integrated solutions and strategies, feasibility studies, planning, operations and project development consultants; architecture, landscape, illumination, interior design, ecological restoration, sculpture, fountain design and EPC / PPP related businesses. It also includes smart plus systems, research, operations, maintenance, etc. A complete industry service chain has been established and placed in the market.

Chengbang group currently has professional qualifications in Tourism Planning And Design Grade A, Architecture Design Grade A, Environmental Pollution Control Engineering General Contracting Grade A, Environmental Pollution Prevention Project Specialized Design Class A, Pollution Treatment Facility Operation Class B,Urban And Rural Planning Grade B, and Greening And Afforestation Design And Other professional qualifications. We have also gained certifications, including: Quality Management System Certification, Environmental Management System Certification, Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and other certificates issued by national authorities. Our expertise it now available  throughout the country.

Chengbang’s strength in research and development guarantees the development of our environmentrelated ecological disciplines. We have submitted patent applications for technology based on independent research and development such as “Ecological Bank Protection Structure and Runoff Observation On Plots For Garden Engineering Non-Point Source Pollution Test”. In 2019 we have also participated in major scientific and technological projects in Zhejiang on important research and development plan projects such as “Research on Key Technologies for Comprehensive Rural Water Environment Treatment”. It is an improvement on, and a demonstration of a comprehensive, intelligent, rural water treatment technology that is based on the purpose of raising the after governance standard of sewage with enhanced water remediation. At the same time the company united Chengbang Research Institute and  brought in a number of experts, scholars and  leaders from industry, academic, planning, architecture, landscape and ecology teams to form a team  - The Research Centre for Mountain, Water, Forest, Farmland and Water Plants System Engineering. It provides comprehensive ecological solutions form a multi-disciplinary integration and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Government and social groups have unanimously recognized and formed a general consensus regarding the development of The Chengbang Group. Received awards include:First prize of China’s Most Distinctive Planning and Architectural Landscape Design Conference in category of landscape design in 2018, First prize of the first Zhejiang Province Social Science Association Outstanding Research Achievement Award in category of Countermeasure Research, the Excellent Design Award from The Third International Landscape Planning and Design Competition, Annual Top Ten Design Award, Excellent Garden design of Zhejiang Province and The Westlake Cup in construction category in Hangzhou, and many other authoritative awards.

In the development of ecological governance and rural rejuvenation, Chengbang Design Group will continue to be based in China, while looking to the outside world in the effort to build a harmonious living environment and a beautiful life.


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