The Ecological Center

Mountain, Water, Forest, Farmland, Lake and Grass one life community
As Chengbang’s symbolic institution in the field of ecological governance, The Ecological Centre takes Chengbang’s contribution to the ecological environment as its mission. Since its inception, Chengbang has been adhering to the concept of "Mountain, Water, Forest, Farmland, Lake and Grass one life community" and relying on open and inclusive resource sharing platforms. Authoritative experts dedicated to the research of pollution problems such as water, soil, atmosphere, solid waste, tailings from mining provide project evaluation, environmental assessment, on-site exploration and research, planning and design, comprehensive management, engineering management, operations and maintenance monitoring and other ecological cluster services in the industrial chain of events. The Ecological Centre is also currently setting up water-related ecological design and restoration, soil restoration and pollution control, biodiversity conservation and the restoration of ecologically depleted mining areas.


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