In The Name Of Design, Create The Most Beautiful Ecology

Everything starts from top-level design. We explore the concept of ecological environment integration by innovating ideas with the most advanced design technology. A two-pronged approach towards environmental creation and ecological governance assists the process of achieving the dream of a bluer sky, cleaner water and healthy earth.


Chengbang’s Realising of A Beautiful China

This is the time of ecological governance and rural revitalization in China. The vison of creating a harmonious and happy living environment and the realisation of a Beautiful China requires more focus and effort in a wide range of practice in related fields. Cultural tourism is one of them as well as the comprehensive regeneration of small towns, comprehensive management of water, wetland park design, sponge cities and mine tailing treatment of geological disasters.


Leadership, Openness, Coordination, Benefits

In order to achieve leadership in this comprehensive industry, we have built a solid base with complete services, detailed development and professional operations. Working with an overall perspective brings new value into our design, and actively cooperating with industrial giants allows us to establish a high-quality platform. The academic cooperation and communication with important universities and institutes also prepares us for the integration of production, education and research. Mountain, Water, Forest, Farmland Water and Grass (Shanshui Lintian Hucao Shi Yige Shenming Gongtongti) is not only a concept, but we have put efforts to define and develop its content. The ultimate achievement is to generate a beneficial condition for our clients, the society and us.


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