Baicheng County Holistic Tourism Outline Planning


Panoramic tourism city with fine living, working and visiting environment in Southern Xinjiang
Located in the north of the Aksu area, Baicheng County is one of the important cities for foreign exchanges in Xinjiang. The mountains, Gobi desert, waters and oasis in the county surround each other. The culture has a mixed northwest tough and masculine beauty with the softness of southern Yangzi River. Responding to the national Belt and Road, Ecological Civilization Construction and Village Revitalization policies and the needs of promoting the tourism innovation and development of Baicheng County, we explored the Qiuci, Buddhist and silk cultures based on the characteristic regional landscape. Part of our process involves refining the transportation network, perfecting supporting facilities for tourism and constructing the holistic spatial patterns. We planned One Loop Line, Two-Wheel Drive, Three Leading Themes and Ten Projects. At the same time, we developed cultural experiences, ecological science, health maintenance and other multi-tourism products and established the "1+3+N" management system with the government. We created the operating model in holistic tourism perspective that suits local conditions to build a panoramic tourism city with fine living, working and visiting environment in Southern Xinjiang.

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