A Progressive Blue Print Of Urban-Rural Integration Directed By Industrial Implementation


In the afternoon of November 12th, Zhejiang Provincial Town and Village Construction and Development Research Institute Urban and Rural Smart Ecological Industry Branch Funding Meeting and the first council meeting was convened in Chengbang Design Group Chengxi Branch. It was jointly organized by Huzhou Leisure Agricultural Industry Research Institute of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Oracle Super Code Technology Co., Ltd.

Urban-Rural Smart Ecological Industry Branch is a nature development of Zhejiang Provincial Town and Village Construction and Development Research Institute. It meets the requirement of the FIVE BEAUTY of Rural Revitalization. Ecology is the foundation, industry is the drive, the smart system is the connection for scientific and technological innovation. This branch is going to be the new support hub for the urban-rural integration in Zhejiang Province. From here on, new concepts, resources, technologies and new ways of popularization will be provided to the construction of  Beautiful China and Beautiful Countryside. 

As the initiator and governing unit, Chengbang Design Group will effectively cooperate with Urban-Rural Smart Industrial Branch to strengthen the integration of advantageous resources and technological innovation. The implementation of urban-rural industries will show our pragmatic and grounded determination to contribute in building 2.0 version of Rural Revitalization with new strength.


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